Bill Pike water & reflections

water n.
a colourless, odourless liquid

Yet water, particularly a water surface, has so many wonderful effects which are often taken for granted, or not even noticed, by those whose very existence depends on it in everyday life...

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Bill Pike lives and works in Berkshire, England.

The images on this site have been produced by scanning 35mm transparencies using a slide scanner. The colours and quality of the images may not therefore be representative of the original paintings.

The Unabridged Water Atlas - An Artist's Autobiography (published 2011)

The original idea for a book containing a selection of prints of my works with accompanying text and maps came from another Yorkshireman, John McDowall, whom I met in 1974 when he was the Screenprinting Technician at Maidstone College of Art. In recent years, John has been leading Art-Book-Making workshops, and organising the Artists' Book Fair up in Leeds, but among his other talents, as a Fine Colourist, he silk-screen-printed by hand all the maps for the first 12 books in my Special Edition of "The Abridged Water Atlas" which we published in 1989. There were only 165 made in all, most having just the black & white maps. This Limited Edition was printed and bound as a Hardback by Robert Hadrill at "Bookworks" in London using "Eric Gill"-style lettering. Albeit with some peeling cards needing tipping-in with bookbinder's PVA adhesive, the "Abridged" edition is now classified as an 'Antique' by some bookshops! Therefore, this present "Unabridged" edition, containing everything up to Oils 300, seems timely if not overdue.

NEWS: Currently 140 of the 250 print run of the first edition 2011 "Unabridged Water Atlas" books are still available directly from the Artist, price £40, plus postage.

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