Bill Pike water & reflections

water n.
a colourless, odourless liquid

Yet water, particularly a water surface, has so many wonderful effects which are often taken for granted, or not even noticed, by those whose very existence depends on it in everyday life...

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Bill Pike lives and works in Berkshire, England.

The images on this site have been produced by scanning 35mm transparencies using a slide scanner. The colours and quality of the images may not therefore be representative of the original paintings.

Group Exhibitions

AJan 1975. Maidstone College of Art Students' Exhibition, Adult Education Centre, ASHFORD, Kent.
B19 Feb - 1 Mar 1975. Stowell's Trophy National Art Students', The Mall Galleries, LONDON SW1.
CJan 1976. Maidstone College of Art Students' Exhibition, Public Library, MAIDSTONE, Kent.
D6-8 Jul 1976. Bachelor of Arts Graduating Exhibition, Maidstone College Of Art, Oakwood Park, MAIDSTONE, Kent.
E3 Feb - 19 Jun 1977. 'A Matter of Degree' South-Eastern Arts Association Travelling Exhibition of Students' work at three venues.
F30 Apr - 23 May 1977. 'Departures from Landscape' South Hill Park Arts Centre, BRACKNELL, Berkshire.
G10-24 Jul 1978. Anniversary Exhibition at The Royal Meteorological Society, James Glaisher House, BRACKNELL, Berks., installation of three paintings in The Fellows' Room, for The Queen's Visit and Luncheon.
H1-27 Oct 1979. 'Waterscapes'. The Delahaye Gallery, CIRENCESTER, Gloucestershire.
J21-25 Apr 1980. MFA lst year Students', University of British Columbia, VANCOUVER, Canada.
K7 Aug - 12 Sep l980. 'The Figurative Approach '. (No.5) Fischer Fine Art Summer Exhibition, LONDON W1.
MApr l985 & Apr 1987. Marlborough Artists' Spring Exhibitions, St Peter's Church, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire.
O19 Jul - 22 Sep 1991. 'Water'. South Hill Park Arts Centre, BRACKNELL Berkshire.
Q27 May 1998 - 14 Sep 1999. Simon Wood's Gallery, 25 Church Street, TETBURY, Gloucestershire.
R2 Jul 2004 to 11 Sep 2004. 'Summer Fever', Wetpaint Gallery, CIRENCESTER, Gloucestershire.
S24-28 Jul 2013. The Bembridge Sailing Club Summer Exhibition, Isle of Wight
T23-27 Jul 2014. The Bembridge Sailing Club Summer Exhibition, Isle of Wight

Two Person Exhibitions

L29 Sep - 10 Oct 1980. MFA Summer Exhibition, Student Union Bldg., UBC, VANCOUVER, Canada. With sculptor Larry Cohen.
N6 Jul - 1 Oct 1987. 100 New King's Road, Fulham, LONDON, SW6. With painter Jayne Pycraft.
P24 Sep - 16 Oct l993. '20th Anniversary Exhibition', The Municipal Art Gallery, STOCKPORT, Cheshire. With sculptor Robert Carruthers.
U9 Jan - 20 Apr 2016. 'The Nature of Art', with Metal Sculptor, Diccon Dadey at ABINGDON, County Hall Museum.
V13 - 18 Apr 2017. With Sculptor Diccon Dadey at The Old Fire Station Art Gallery, HENLEY-ON-THAMES, Oxfordshire.

One Person Exhibitions

128 Mar - 21 Apr 1978. 'Water, Water Everywhere.....'. The Playhouse Gallery, OXFORD.
227 Feb - 30 Mar 1979. '.....Not a Drop to Drink.' The Wyvern Theatre Bar, SWINDON, Wiltshire.
317 Apr - 1 May 1979. 'Reflections'. The Bajazzo Gallery, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire.
42 - 20 Jul 1979. 'Reflections'. Cromwell's Glen Gallery, Snelsmore Common, NEWBURY, Berkshire.
57 Nov - 7 Dec 1981. At "TRIUMF" Experimental Physics Laboratory, UBC, VANCOUVER, Canada.
619 - 29 Jan 1982. Master of Fine Arts Graduating Exhibition, University of British Columbia, VANCOUVER, Canada.
722 May 1982 - 27 Oct 1984. Permanent Exhibition at Studio/showroom, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire.
86-29 Sep l983. 'Reflections'. Park Walk Galleries, Chelsea, LONDON SW10.
931 Aug - 1 Sep 1985. Open Weekend. Herd Street Art Centre, MARLBOROUGH, Wiltshire.
101-30 Apr 1986. 'Still not a drop to drink'. The Playhouse Theatre Gallery, OXFORD.
1115 Jan - 6 Feb 1987. 'Water Reflections - Recent Work'. The DM Gallery, Dover St., LONDON W1.
125 Jun - 5 Aug 1989. Summer Exhibition at 'Elunia' Restaurant, 773 Fulham Rd., LONDON SW6.
133-9 Sep 1989. New Paintings at The Bajazzo Gallery, Silverless Street, MARLBOROUGH.
1421 Sep 1989 - 28 Feb l992. Ten new Paintings at Chalk Farm Gallery, LONDON NW1.
151 Mar - 27 July 1992. HNB Office Furniture Showroom, LONDON WCZ.
1618 Jul - 1 Aug l992. 'Harmony in Water Reflections'. North Transept, NORWICH Cathedral.
1728 Jun - 16 Jul l993. 'Water Paintings: Wakes & reflections'. Library Gallery, U of S, GUILDFORD.
181 Jul - 15 Aug 1994. 'Recent Reflections'. L'Abbaye De Blanchelande, Cotentin Peninsula, FRANCE.
191 - 24 Jul 1995. 'Harmony in Water Reflections II'. Winchester Cathedral, WINCHESTER, Hampshire.
2022 Jul - 3 Aug 1996. 'First Stop Abingdon, Next, The World'. Stables Gallery, Green College,OXFORD.
213-28 Jun l997. 'Fluid Dynamics'. Forest Arts Centre, NEW MILTON, Hampshire.
221-31 Aug 1998. 'Harmony in Water Reflections III'. Winchester Cathedral, WINCHESTER, Hampshire.
232 - 15 Sep 2000. 'The River Running'. Stables Gallery, Green College, OXFORD.
249 Aug - 3 Sep 2002. 'Harmony in Water Reflections IV'. The Cathedral, WINCHESTER, Hampshire.
253 - 23 Aug 2003. 'Reflections'. The Stables Gallery, Green College, OXFORD.
267 Sep - 5 Nov 2005. 'Reflections'. The Great Western Hospital, SWINDON, Wiltshire.
274 - 15 Sep 2006. 'Reflections 2'. The Stables Gallery, Green College, OXFORD.
2815 - 26 January 2008. 'Canal Art' at The Vale and Downland Museum, WANTAGE.
2912 Nov 2008 - 28 Feb 2009. 'The River Thames Revisited'. Abingdon County Hall Museum, Abingdon-on-Thames.
3015 Jul - 31 Aug 2009. 'The River Thames - From Source to Docklands'. Sladmore Contemporary Gallery, 32 Bruton Place, Mayfair, London W1.
316 Jul - 20 Sep 2014. 'River Thames from Source to Docklands'. First Floor, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, OXFORD.