Bill Pike water & reflections

water n.
a colourless, odourless liquid

Yet water, particularly a water surface, has so many wonderful effects which are often taken for granted, or not even noticed, by those whose very existence depends on it in everyday life...

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Bill Pike lives and works in Berkshire, England.

The images on this site have been produced by scanning 35mm transparencies using a slide scanner. The colours and quality of the images may not therefore be representative of the original paintings.

A Brading 'Pico' with green sails II

A Brading 'Pico' with green sails II

Size: 0.89m x 0.58m  Medium: Oils on canvas  

Oct-Nov 2013  

A smaller version of a second 'Pico', in rather choppier water than the first, emerging from Brading Haven on 22nd August 2013.